Monday, March 4, 2013

Retrospective: Dan O'Dowd for U. S. Senate

Dan O'Dowd for U. S. Senate
510 Castillo. Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
Tel: (800) 789-0866

Every American Guaranteed Food, Shelter,
a Job With Health Insurance, and a Tax Cut
(See pages 2 &3)

Criminals Fear to Walk Our Streets at Night
(See pages 4 & 5)

To make these headlines a reality, here is all you need to do:
  • Register to vote before May 8 and vote in the Primary Election on June 7
  • Read and understand this pamphlet so that you can explain it clearly.
  • Make copies of this pamphlet to send to your friends and co-workers.
  • Post a copy on her office bulletin board and in other public places.
  • Convince your friends and co-workers to follow your example.

Dan O'Dowd is spending his own money to accomplish these objectives. The rest of us are volunteering our time. We re not asking your for money, just a little of your time. You probably think that your effort will not determine whether these problems are solved, so you don't want to do anything. But it you do your share, society's problems can't burden your conscience. You will sleep well, knowing tht if everyone else did as much as you, these problems would be solved. We ask no more of you.

Even is you think we can't win this election, at least get out of your chair and give the people who brought you this mess a swift kick in the backside, by voting against them in the Primary Election June 7. If everyone who dislikes the cyrrent system gets out to vote, we will win this election by a landslide.


Dan O'Dowd for U. S. Senate

Ending the Health Care Crisis, Homelessness
Hunger, and Unemployment by Cutting Taxes

Guarantee Every Worker Health Insurance

The taxes on the Income of a minimum wage worker are more than the cost of the health insurance that they cannot afford! Federal income tax (6%), California income tax, medicare tax (1.45%), employers' contribution to social security and medicare (7.65%), federal unemployment tax (.8%), state unemployment tax (3.3%) worker's compensation (1% to 50%), State disability tax (1.3%), sales tax, (7.5%), gas tax, and utility taxes are over 40% of the income of a minimum wage worker. That is over $4,000 per year. The working poor cannot afford adequate health insurance because the government taxes then to death. It is unfair that hard-working families have no health insurance while the taxes they pay are used to provide the world's finest medical care for welfare recipients.

If I am elected to the Senate I will introduce legislation to allow low wage employees and their employers to reduce their federal income and employment taxes by the amount they pay for health insurance. The workers will have health insurance and the same take home pay as they have now. The employer will have the same costs of employing these workers as they have now. Health care will not cost the employer or employee anything, so every worker in America can be covered immediately.

Guarantee Every American Food and Shelter

A million homeless people wander the streets of America. Every year thousands of ordinary people find themselves homeless due to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. Others lost their jobs and their homes in hard economic times or through bankruptcy due to bad luck or bad investments. Sometimes travelers find themselves stranded in a strange town with little or no money. No one should need to steal to feed themselves or their family. No one should need to trespass to find shelter. Everyone, even the drop outs from society, deserve the rudiments of survival: food an shelter.

If I am elected to the Senate, I will introduce legislation to create Sanctuaries throughout the country that will always be open to provide dormitory housing and food to anyone, absolutely free, no questions asked, no forms to fill out. The government's highest priority response to a natural disaster will be resupplying Sanctuaries with food, water, clothing, and bedding.

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