Friday, January 4, 2013

Manchester writes to his nearest and dearest

This would, in most instances, be a post which only appeared on the Manchester page.  But because of the many interconnections between the co-conspirators some commentary is called for, which we will not add into the post below and re-post of the Morgan, Craig-Green Hills Software, PsychoBusters and Jay E. Gell Handler sites.  

Wendy received the communication below as one of the several individuals Alex felt should be informed as to his innermost thoughts and feelings today, eleven days before his pre-trial for passing a bad check in Las Vegas. The other folks Alex emailed are his mother and sister.
Sent: 1/4/2013 10:03:19 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
I just wanted to let you know I am having a triple spine fusion on my lower spine tomorrow and in the middle of my back a fusion of just 2 disks
NOTE: Wendy wants to know about the leg you told the kids you were having removed in 2007.
           The 'injury Alex is complaining about is a result of not having properly cared for himself after having, first a colon reduction, using funds from a claim against his fourth very short-term employer, Nordic Security. Alex got to drive a patrol car and wear a standard uniform. Excited by this, he became very wrapped up in the job and, according to Wendy, Alex decided he was actually a police officer, buying extra uniforms in addition to a pair of handcuffs.
The handcuffs were used these on Wendy, one evening, dragging her down the hallway and bruising her badly during a disagreement. He lost the job because of an altercation while on patrol at a movie complex area in Lake Forest. 
Wendy understood the event which ended this employment was an altercation with a woman manager at the Movie theater and the manager's boyfriend. Alex did not confide in her further except to say he needed to break up a fight. He told Wendy he was shoved and hurt on the job, evidently this resulted in a claim for workman's compensation. Wendy believes the job lasted perhaps, a month.
After the divorce Alex had a butt lift. That is the other 'injury' which lead to his present whining.

They had to rebuild my Right sholder last week to remove a bullet from when I was in Thailand with the Russian and FBI work.
NOTE: You were married to Wendy when you returned from Thailand. All you brought back with you, she found either on your body or in your bag, were condoms.
Wendy - The problem you will continue to have Alex is that I have a lot of knowledge on your past!”

I do have the original film of the take down of Roger Wilson and a original recording of the NSA trying to get me to poison Eriksson
NOTE: Ericksson died in 1988. August 1 - Obituary,  Thomas Joseph Fabian Erickson Why would the authorities in the US be interested now?

I have given copy's of items and many others to the Feds when I met with them yesterday they have also had someone fro me the justice department take and note all sorts of statements etc so Alexander and Ash get back the title they have also been given so much more about the trustees and everything going back to the late 40's Laura is going on to fight for the kids rights and not all of the other bullshit
NOTE: The FBI has no authority over the issue of any individual's legitimacy for purposes of inheritance of titles of English nobility. You need to accept the fact your great-grandfather, realizing how fiscally irresponsible his descendants would be, cut all of you off – and what he, himself left, was long since wasted.

There is a very small chance I will walk again.
NOTE: That is decrease your mobility, making it harder to move when you are evicted the next time. Don't forget to reserve a wheel chair for your date in Court, January 15th.

This is not a go in to hospital in the morning and am back at work after lunch you are a JOKE I have a lawyer in Nevada and one in New York and London who are all on the same team and are working with Laura
NOTE: All of us are sure the opposition attorneys are quaking in their boots. Since you, yourself, have no attorneys except the public defender, Gary Lee Guymon,, at least no one has to worry about being paid.

NOTE: Yes, and you have proven to everyone who knows you this is exactly what you are. Thanks for the validation!

NOTE: There were no great revelations in the PFD documented you mentioned.

NOTE: Gary sent them to me when I sent him Michael Jackson - Stalked by a Psychopath last April 23rd, 2012. I have it on file, not that it was interesting. Craig always said he would glue people to their seats at the funeral so he would know they would stay put while his video played. What are your plans?


NOTE: You are a psychopath. You have no empathy and don't care about anyone but yourself. Why should anyone care about you?
SO I WILL FINISH YOU ALL THE TITLE AND TRUST GOES TO MY KIDS AND LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: It is not very nice of you to leave Laura your debts, since that is all you have left, but we are sure she can not pay them just as well as you didn't.

NOTE: What? Craig didn't pay for an attorney for you? I guess psychopaths just have no sense of responsibility toward their co-conspirators. Have a nice trip.
Craig pays a procurer $1,000 for finding him someone he has sex with. Once. What he pays the girl is much higher, naturally, usually around $5,000 a month for a couple of dates. He offered Regina Russell $10,000 if she found him a youngish, female of childbearing age he married. But you, Alex, you don't even get enough to pay for your attorney – and think of all the time you put in.
Heck, he even gave Morgan $5,000 a month to slander and libel me and suborn my other children and friends. This amount is in the court record – and see Morgan's affidavit.

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