Thursday, November 20, 2014

NEWS RELEASE and Commentary

From:  PR Wire

COMMENT -  First excuse me for neglecting posting here for some time.  I was busy with other matters which actually have a direct relationship to the unbridled greed and lack of conscience exhibited by War Contractors. (Although they changed the name of the Department long ago "War" was actually more accurate, as one realizes as soon as the matter is mentioned.)

Now, Nigel clearly moved on from Green Hills Software, Inc., and probably was aware of the close, nay, incestuous relationship between Dan's Main Money train and INTEGRITY Global Security.  But I wonder if Nigel could enlighten us on a curious issue which came up a few months ago when I was Googling INTEGRITY Global Security, LLC 

INTEGRITY Global Security is one of the multiplicity of companies and corporations where  Dan is piling up the product of his unbridled and unprincipled greed.  I say one because when I went poking around I found many more.  Those do not appear to be openly owned by Dan. 

Remember, Dan's sole ambition is to be wealthier that Bill Gates and this could well be his strategy for achieving that goal while remaining largely anonymous.   Clever Dan!  

Bill and Warren Do Bomb Trains Together!

See Koch Truths for our own special version of Kenny Roger's The Gambler, dedicated to Bill and Warren.

Of course, Bill has clearly enjoyed his notoriety.  Sort of.  

But I digress.  I also found another company using the same name, minus the CAPS on INTEGRITY, which claimed to be incorporated in Nevada.  At the bottom of the site the text read, " © 2013 Dragon Master Security, LLC DBA Integrity Global Security."

Their kind of security has nothing to do with Software.  Check it out.  So, Dan, is this Integrity Global Security another acquisition?   We eagerly await your response.  

And say "hi" to Nigel for us if he is actually still working for you. One never knows when Dan has his eye on the Gold. 


Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for robust embedded software quality, announced today that Nigel Rozier joins the company as Sales Manager, Scandinavia and Benelux. Continued strong demand for the VectorCAST™ tool suite in the region is driving Vector Software’s continued growth in the European marketplace.
In his new role, Rozier will be serving the Benelux and Nordic regions, and adding value to the sales process by leveraging his extensive technical background to customers in Vector Software traditional markets: aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial controls, medical, transportation markets as well as emerging markets of banking, office automation systems and telecommunications,
“Vector Software’s European operation is thrilled to have Nigel Rozier on the sales team”, said Niroshan Rajadurai, Executive Vice President for EMEA, Vector Software. “The VectorCAST toolset is very popular in Europe, and Nigel’s market and regional acumen will enable us to service the region’s technical needs, in addition to furthering our growth objectives in the area.”
Rozier is a fifteen-year veteran of the embedded software industry gained in EMEA Sales Management roles for Raima, Inc., Green Hills Software and Telelogic UK Limited. A graduate of the University of Brighton, Mr. Rozier is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. 

“We’re very pleased to bring Nigel on board in Europe, especially with the surge in demand for the VectorCAST suite in the Nordics and Benelux nations,” said Bill McCaffrey, Chief Operating Officer, Vector Software. “His presence will broaden our reach in the region, and ensure that we maintain our high level of customer service across the Globe.”

About Vector Software, Inc.

Vector Software is the world’s leading provider of software testing solutions for safety and business critical embedded applications. Companies worldwide in the automotive, aerospace, medical devices, industrial controls, rail, and other business critical sectors rely on Vector Software’s VectorCAST™ test solution. The VectorCAST environment enables software development teams to easily automate complex testing tasks to improve software quality, using Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and Change-Based Testing processes to engineer reliable software for accelerated time-to-market release cycles. Vector Software is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island USA with offices worldwide, and a world-class team of support and technology partners. To learn more, visit: