Many groups have added the issue of drones to their agendas.  Most of these focus on educating the public to the threat of drones domestically, deployed by law enforcement and, now, ominously, the military, or they educate on the human rights crimes being carried out in the name of Americans overseas.  These are enormously helpful, but they are not enough.  
Passing an ordinance in your state, county or town may work, and again it may not given the tenor and direction of the Federal government and its legion of agencies, law enforcement who have been retrained to behave as a military presence with no apparent knowledge of the limitations under the Constitution, and a military now operating on American streets.

Additionally, we need to ensure all are protected because the presence of drones anyplace, used in this fashion, is a threat of all of us.  

As we identify other efforts to eliminate drones, those appear on our front page, right side.  But the agenda below, in BLUE, is our main focus. 

Our goal is to put the companies which merchandise drone war out of business.   

1. Publicize the personal lives of our target company, Green Hills Software.

      In this way we raise awareness of them within their own communities.  As you will see, this  single contractor, of which you have probably never heard before, provides essential technology which keeps drones in the air and make war to profit, not to defend America.  Few, even in their own communities and their friends and associates in those communities, understand the source of their lavish incomes.  

See Know Drones for information on passing an ordinance in your local area. 

2. Try them through Common Law Courts.

      Starting a Common Law Court is educational, simple, and entirely legal.  Unfortunately, decisions from these Constitutional courts are not generally recognized by State and Federal Courts.  
      This will raise awareness of how they make their livings within their communities and also allow us to present the evidence to those they know.  

3. After we have guilty verdicts for the Management Team, owners, and Board of Directors for the company personally we take the next step, going to the International Criminal Court.  

List of States and date of ratification.  The U. S. is not a member.  However, individuals and corporations can be tried, found guilty, and suffer penalties exacted by their travel and trade with these countries.  

Senegal2 February 1999
Trinidad and Tobago6 April 1999
San Marino13 May 1999
Italy26 July 1999
Fiji29 November 1999
Ghana20 December 1999
Norway16 February 2000
Belize5 April 2000
Tajikistan5 May 2000
Iceland25 May 2000
Venezuela, (Bolivarian Republic of)7 June 2000
France9 June 2000
Belgium28 June 2000
Canada7 July 2000
Mali16 August 2000
Lesotho6 September 2000
New Zealand7 September 2000
Botswana8 September 2000
Luxembourg8 September 2000
Sierra Leone15 September 2000
Gabon20 September 2000
Spain24 October 2000
South Africa27 November 2000
Marshall Islands7 December 2000
Germany11 December 2000
Austria28 December 2000
Finland29 December 2000
Sweden28 January 2001
Argentina8 February 2001
Dominica12 February 2001
Andorra30 April 2001
Paraguay14 May 2001
Croatia21 May 2001
Costa Rica7 June 2001
Antigua and Barbuda18 June 2001
Denmark21 June 2001
Netherlands17 July 2001
Serbia6 September 2001
Nigeria27 September 2001
Liechtenstein2 October 2001
Central African Republic3 October 2001
United Kingdom4 October 2001
Switzerland12 October 2001
Peru10 November 2001
Nauru12 November 2001
Poland12 November 2001
Hungary30 November 2001
Slovenia31 December 2001
Benin22 January 2002
Estonia30 January 2002
Portugal5 February 2002
Ecuador5 February 2002
Mauritius5 March 2002
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia6 March 2002
Cyprus7 March 2002
Panama21 March 2002
Democratic Republic of the Congo11 April 2002
Niger11 April 2002
Jordan11 April 2002
Mongolia11 April 2002
Cambodia11 April 2002
Bosnia and Herzegovina11 April 2002
Slovakia11 April 2002
Bulgaria11 April 2002
Romania11 April 2002
Ireland11 April 2002
Greece15 May 2002
Uganda14 June 2002
Brazil20 June 2002
Namibia25 June 2002
Bolivia, (Plurinational State of)27 June 2002
Gambia28 June 2002
Latvia28 June 2002
Uruguay28 June 2002
Australia1 July 2002
Honduras1 July 2002
Colombia5 August 2002
United Republic of Tanzania20 August 2002
Timor-Leste6 September 2002
Samoa16 September 2002
Malawi19 September 2002
Djibouti5 November 2002
Zambia13 November 2002
Republic of Korea13 November 2002
Malta29 November 2002
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines3 December 2002
Barbados10 December 2002
Albania31 January 2003
Afghanistan10 February 2003
Lithuania12 May 2003
Guinea14 July 2003
Georgia5 September 2003
Burkina Faso16 April 2004
Congo3 May 2004
Burundi21 September 2004
Liberia22 September 2004
Guyana24 September 2004
Kenya15 March 2005
Dominican Republic12 May 2005
Mexico28 October 2005
Comoros18 August 2006
Saint Kitts and Nevis22 August 2006
Montenegro23 October 2006
Chad1 November 2006
Japan17 July 2007
Madagascar14 March 2008
Suriname15 July 2008
Cook Islands18 July 2008
Chile29 June 2009
Czech Republic21 July 2009
Bangladesh23 March 2010
Seychelles10 August 2010
Saint Lucia18 August 2010
Republic of Moldova12 October 2010
Grenada19 May 2011
Tunisia24 June 2011
Philippines30 August 2011
Maldives21 September 2011
Cape Verde10 October 2011
Vanuatu2 December 2011
Guatemala2 April 2012
​Côte d’Ivoire15 February 2013​

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