Saturday, December 19, 2015

Security holes are everywhere even in secure virtualization systems, says Green Hills Software CEO

COMMENTARY - It all happened because, Dan O'Dowd, who never served in the military, wanted to be richer than Bill Gates.  Green Hills was funded by a successful graduate of CalTech, in fact a guy who had hired Dan.  In retrospect Glenn must realize this was a real mistake. 

Dan was obsessed over being richer than Gates - and to do that he had to shed his partners.  First, he bought out Carl.  Then the hard part, getting rid of Glenn Hightower.  

Dan cut a deal with Craig, who had been essential to his actually selling any software.  

Craig would persuade the critical personnel to refuse to work for Glenn after he, Dan, exercised their sudden death partnership agreement.  Extra stock to these cooperative folks sweetened the deal.  Dan agreed to defraud Craig's wife out of her share of stock, a marital asset and kill her off. 

Just a cost of doing business, you know.   

The NeoCons were just coming into power and it was a heady world for Dan.  Between the co-conspirators they lied their way through the lawsuit Glenn hired and destroyed Craig's wife financially, nearly succeeded in killing off the couple's son, who had suffered a brain injury and therefore needed to be eliminated as far as Craig and Dan were concerned because keeping him alive would cost too much.  

But for reasons outlined elsewhere all of this lead to lots and lots of government contracts for Dan.   

Of course, Craig was a sexual deviant and wanted to rape the daughters he had adopted along with their son.  None of that bothered Dan, not a bit.  After all, he was getting richer every day selling software to blow up children overseas.  So what do a few more kids matter?  

This is an excellent example of what you can expect from those without conscience and a compelling argument for Dr. Robert Hare's proposal that the officers of corporations be tested for psychopathy.  Read Snakes in Suits.   

This explains why Dan does not approve of wikileaks or people having information he thinks unnecessary for them to know.  And don't ask him what he thinks about Edward Snowden.

And that is only the beginning of the story.  More Here - Editor

 By Joseph Normandin
Posted by John McHale
If the Wikileaks scandal shows anything it proves that no system is secure as people may think it is -- especially software virtualization systems, said Dan O'Dowd, chief executive officer of Green Hills Software during the company’s Software Elite Users Technology Summit. "Virtualization adds nothing to security," he added.

O'Dowd pointed out that virtualization systems have less code, "but that just means they are less bad, not more secure. Running bug-ridden operating systems in virtual machines does not solve the security issue unless the virtualization system itself is secure."

He then made a point that I think resonates well beyond virtualization systems. "The security claims of popular virtualization systems are just marketing fluff to exploit the desperate need of all computer users for security," O'Dowd says. These systems have only been evaluated to the National Security Agency's (NSA's) Common Criteria EAL4+.  MORE

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Matrix Continues to BuildOut Remotely Delivered Death

From:  Military AeroSpace - Unmanned Vehicles

COMMENT - Just show them the money.  

Unmanned design trends
The growing role of technology in the global war on terrorism
It's increasingly clear that technology has a huge role to play in countering radical Islamic terrorism like the attack in San Bernardino, Calif., last Dec. 2.
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L-3 to install critical components of Navy Atlantic underwater warfare training range
Undersea sensor specialist L-3 Communications MariPro in Goleta, Calif., will build and install the wet end and dry end of crucial components of an underwater warfare training range off the coast of Florida under terms of a $12.6 million contract modification announced late last month.
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Unmanned contracts
Insitu to provide 65 ScanEagle UAVs and ScanEagle training facility for Afghanistan
U.S. Navy unmanned vehicle experts are establishing an in-theater training facility in Afghanistan to help Afghan military forces lean to use Insitu ScanEagle small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) under terms of a $70.9 million contract.
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Navy asks Hydroid to ramp-up production of MK 18 Kingfish unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)
Unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) experts at Hydroid Inc. in Pocasset, Mass., are ramping-up production of the company's MK 18 Kingfish family of unmanned submersibles under terms of a $8.7 million contract.
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Unmanned business
France places order for third Reaper UAV system
France's Directorate-General of Armaments placed an order for its third MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle system from General Atomics. The French military has plans to procure four Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions by 2019, with three vehicles allocated for each system.
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Russian unmanned underwater nuclear weapon raising the stakes in global balance of power
The technological means of delivering, deterring, and defending against nuclear weapons has been reasonably stable for more than half a century. Since the 1940s nuclear warheads have been based on bomber aircraft, long-range missiles, and specialized artillery. That stability, however, may be over as the concept of nuclear warfare enters a new unmanned underwater era.
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Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama to Increase Drone Wars

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

Barack Obama's 'Step Program' for combating terrorism provides a transition to the automated war machine which takes the judgment of individual military out of the equation.

There are two reasons for this. The first is cost. The largest portion of the reduction is personnel costs. This leaves room to increase profits to the military-industrial complex which controls our government. The second reason is that machines have no conscience.
They follow orders and feel no empathy or compassion.  

We cannot allow this to happen.

The DOD has been opposing this move to automation for some time. Many within America's military understand anonymous killing by drones and other arms length technologies have, demonstrably, traumatized and murdered innocent civilians in every instance where they are used.

All people have rights, including the right to life. Our rights are inherent, vested in us by God, not by the Constitution or government.

America's behavior in this is nothing less than criminal. Those responsible, including the leadership of the last two administrations plus the Clintons and Sidney Blumenthal for their efforts to bring on the War in Iraq, should be arrested and tried for treason.

Knowing your mother, grandmother, child or other loved one can be blown to bits before your eyes has produced a natural hostility and distrust of our nation. Do you feel warm and fuzzy about Muslims right now? No. Is this fair? Again, no. But it is human and is dividing us and building distrust where once a global community was growing.

All of us are angry and traumatized by the killings in San Bernardino. I made multiple calls to a friend who lives there in the hours following the mass murder. Hearing her voice brought me to tears of relief.

President Obama is increasing the danger to American with the policy he mandates for war on terror. He is making it far more likely this kind of killing will increase.

The police who handled the crisis in San Bernardino acted just as they should have and deserve to be thanked, commended, and trusted. Seeing this warmed hearts and helped bring the community and those watching together.

However, we need to avoid generalizing their courageous individual and group response as reflecting on other law enforcement personnel and jurisdictions which continue to show they do not understand their obligations under the Constitution and routinely violate the rights of those they are paid to protect and defend.

Trust must be earned or it only makes us vulnerable.

A people who fear their government are not free. Today, Americans fear both terrorists and their government. This must change. We need a president who will end the corporate wars and make peace the mission.