Friday, November 13, 2015

NEWS RELEASE: Green Hills Software sponsors Autonomous Car Detroit

From:  Automotive World 

COMMENT:   It's always a shock to see a company whose success is founded on fraud, treason, murder, and other crimes present itself with a smiley face using the word, 'INTEGRITY' in all caps.  Perhaps they have to scream it to penetrate the guilt which must cling to their consciences like a stench of death.

Will they be casting their votes for Hillary, given their close relationship to her and BushCo?  If she gets votes that will be all.  The 'management' at GHS hold on to every nickel.  They ever made their patriotic ploys pay.

And you have to wonder what the auto industry, now that it is decamping from Big Oil, would think of the revelations which must come. 


Green Hills Software has been confirmed as a co-sponsor of Autonomous Car Detroit, which will take place in Dearborn, Michigan on 16 March 2016. The conference will bring together the stakeholders responsible for the evolution of the connected car

About Green Hills Software
Millions of vehicles contain software developed with Green Hills Software’s Platforms for Automotive, which span all automotive electronic subsystems. Built on the safety- and security-certified INTEGRITY RTOS, key platform features include hard real-time I/O, fast boot, safety and security-critical functions, non-intrusive Android and Linux guestOS execution, and accelerated 3D graphics. Products in Green Hills Platforms for Automotive have achieved the highest levels of safety certifications, including ISO 26262 (ASIL D), IEC 61508 (SIL 4) and EN50128 (SWSIL).

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Automotive Megatrends USA sold out in 2015, so for 2016, it has been extended to encompass three, back-to-back, one-day events.
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