Wednesday, November 22, 2017

John B. Douglas - The Rebock Guy who found a home at Green Hills Software, Inc.

Who are these people who are willing to make money by destroying the lives of other people?  They do it with drone technologies, with military tech, and in their offices.  

Jack Douglas is an example of one of these fellows.   Why was he at GHS as a consultant at the time Dan was plotting against the partner, Glenn Hightower, who make it possible for Little Dan to have a shot at real success?  

What is it like  working at a company where the Senior Vice President routinely takes women into his office to rape?  What can you say about a president of such a company who orders that the women be paid to just go away - or destroyed?   These are the conditions which existed at GHS when Jack showed up.  

Foxboro man in kilt charged with open and gross lewdness in Taunton

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