Monday, March 4, 2013

Dan O'Dowd, Drone Boy of Death

Drones have been murdering children and innocents as United States policy in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and elsewhere for years now.  Today Americans face the spectre of drones in their own skies and so will learn what other mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, have faced.  

It is not enough to hold government accountable.  Drone contractors, who profit and enable these technologies profit in the billions and must be brought to account.  

Dan O'Dowd is a prime example of this kind of conscienceless individual.  He and his wife, Amy Chang, personally own 97% of Green Hills Software, Inc., located at 30 West Sola in Santa Barbara, California.  

They know  perfectly well how the  technology they sell the U. S. military, and domestically, is being used.  But it is the money which matters.  Given their stake in GHS, it is arguable they personally profit more from drone use than nearly any other Americans.  

They are, in fact, perfect candidates for the title of "Drone Boy," and "Drone Girl," of Death. 

Children are dying, parents are  crying. 

The clean, well landscaped office should now deceive you about what is going on inside.  

Dan named his technology, "INTEGRITY."  It makes you shudder.  

Dan, rest assured, is very proud of his accomplishment.  
Green Hills Drone Technology is coming back to us in America, in the blue skies which once meant hope for a better future for our children.  

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