Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Patriots Go Drone Hunting (Fantastic Video Footage)

From:  Before Its News

COMMENT - It did not take very long for the potential for converting the presence of drones in the sky to a sport to penetrate into the minds of gun enthusiasts.  Now, they need to consider how to recycle the still useful parts for other purposes, providing a market in these.  

Green Hills is, doubtless, delighted, as this will add to their sales since evasion software, and greater complexity, will now be needed.  


The USA is soon to be flooded with Drone’s in the sky’s and UGV’s on the ground. This Drone development will threaten everyone’s privacy and some peoples safety. The below video is an excellent example of how to “hunt” drones and UAV’s. Will Drone and UGV hunting become the next big sport for country boys and patriots? Watch the video and you be the judge!

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