Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Embedded real-time operating system software secures military mission-critical data from growing threats

From:  Military & AeroSpace Electronics 

COMMENT - As you read down you find out it is Green Hills Software and INTEGRITY Global Systems who are the eager suppliers of this War Technology.  " David Kleidermacher, chief technology officer of Green Hills Software and Integrity Global Security LLC in Santa Barbara, Calif., is involved in “a firestorm of activity surrounding virtualization, and adding the ability to run Linux and Android on top of [Green Hills’] RTOS. In many ways, this is the future of the RTOS -- being able to handle mixed criticality requirements that include security, safety, and real-time critical applications alongside increasing requirements for rich multimedia and connectivity, app stores, GUIs, etc.”"

The present direction for war has turned war-based corporations into the equivilent of small nations who, in exact parallel with the de Rothschilds, are making money from both sides.  "Why don't you guys fight?" said the scraggy Dan O'Dowd from the sidelines, smiling at the huge profits accruing to him personally.

Posted by Courtney Howard
TECHNOLOGY FOCUS, 30 March 2012. The adoption of secure real-time operating system (RTOS) software and related embedded computing security software tools for military embedded systems continues to grow, driven by increased security threats and concerns, real and perceived.

Many pundits agree that the need for information security, especially for critical and classified data, as well as the computing and data storage systems on which it resides, has never been greater. Industry has responded with myriad innovations designed to deliver security and protection at not only the system level, but also at the embedded, component level.

“There is no single architecture, product, or capability that can protect against a continuously evolving threat landscape,” cautions Chip Downing, senior director of Aerospace & Defense at Wind River in Alameda, Calif. “Today’s connected systems need to integrate a wide range of capabilities to achieve continuous security in hostile network environments. Layered, proven security components, along with capabilities to update these system components, need to be integrated to enable continuous application and service availability, while maintaining the required security capability.”  Much More

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