Sunday, December 2, 2012

Craig Franklin - I Don't Love You Any Less

I have not, previously, touched on the means Craig uses to position himself as emotionally normal, but this musical video, written, I believe, for Ivory May Kalber, who he met on a Sugar Daddy site, is a nice introduction of the means used by the psychopathic to accomplish their goals. 

Craig, the only individual ever to stalk Ayn Rand, she then being over fifty and he around twenty-two, was warned off by her attorney, according to Craig.   

By this time Craig had already realized women responded emotionally to songs and had used  several he had written in his attempts to bed a woman named Fenton, who was blondly beautful, athletic, but, according to Craig, dumb, much too intellectually deficient for him to marry.  

According to Craig, who shared these stories with me, his attempts were vigorous but unsuccessful.  Fenton evidently sensed something was 'off'' about him.  If only I had had her insight. 

Craig endlessly recycles music, tending to stay with melodies in the public domain, and his writing can be good, though it takes him forever to produce really usable lyrics.  

On his My Space site, on the page titled, "Courting Ivory," there are four songs.  The first was written for Ivory, "She Said We Need To Talk," "Easy on Your Way," written during the period when he was honing his skills as a guitarist, "To Have and To Hold," which he wrote for me at the time of our formal wedding in 1989, and "Foolish DreamswCraig," which also dates from the earlier period. 

When you listen to this one think instead of a slightly clumsy predator imagining a tasty, and still quivering, haunch of zebra.  Craig views sex, and women, as prey, though he does not dismiss the idea they can be useful in other ways as well.  

Each of these songs positions Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin, as an idealist, a romantic,  looking for someone who is his equal who he can love entirely and forever.  But since his sexual proclivities focus on raping a young girl, around twelve, who has trusted him and with whom he has had a familial relationship, this provides a very different perspective to what is actually going forward here.  

The Incest porn at the link provided is one evidence of this.  Separate from this, but also telling, Craig's first act when discovering his son, Scott, had been jailed for hiring a hit man to kill his wife, was to file for unsupervised visitation with Scott's eight year old grand-daughter.  Craig entirely ignored his grand-son, who was two years older.  

Only after Craig left me did I realize how much I had not known. After Craig left my youngest daughter told me when I was not at home Craig would expose himself to her.  

Where Craig has advertised for the kind of woman he wanted he always makes it clear he wants children, preferably, a daughter.  Forward planning is one of Craig's strong suits. 

Craig married me because I had three nubile, beautiful daughters.  His decision to divorce me had nothing to do with our relationship, but only the opportunities he could see opening up to feed his sexual fantasies.  To do this he needed more money.  The tax situation made this impossible for him.  He also knew as long as I was around any sexual moves toward my daughters would be treated summarily.  

So, immediately after I cleaned up his taxes he, evidently, entered into an intimate relationship with my daughter, Morgan, and began planning to leave me penniless.  Part of this was carried out by hiring the least ethical, nastiest divorce attorney he could obtain, found for him by Morgan.  Jacqueline Misho is the same attorney hired by John Cleese's wife.  Misho was featured as an Orc in the Cleese Alimony Comedy Tour. 

Then, in cooperation with Dan O'Dowd of Green Hills Software, Inc., he arranged to have produced a 'new' stock option agreement, different from any other written for a Green Hills employee, which, instead of awarding him stock for past performance would make the award for what he was yet to do.  By so doing, he was manipulating marital assets, in anticipation of leaving me.  At this time he could already have been in a  sexual relationship with my oldest daughter. The summer after he left, he propositioned my third daughter.  

He had adopted both girls as his daughters, by will, after persuading the biological father, my former husband, Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) of the younger, to give up his rights of fatherhood.  Notarized Document

Listen to the song.  Think about Craig's inner world and how he views the institutions of marriage, fatherhood, and family. It is a chilling vision. 

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