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Morgan's Very Special Relationship with various men, including Craig

[Letter to Morgan appears on the site dedicated to outing her as well - Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Thanks! What a delightful Christmas present, and I mean that will all sincerity. I look every morning to see if the vulgar little psychopath I spawned has laid another egg.

If Craig had simply acted within the law, with honesty and simple decency, none of this would have happened. It would have saved my real children, and me, from intense suffering and the ugly manipulations you psychopaths so much enjoy.

All he had to do was split the stock options so I received dividends and not lie about the facts. You arranged for him to have Jacqueline Misho, the least ethical, ugliest (in every sense, actually) attorney you could possibly find. How nice of you! And naturally you did not mention he intended to leave me.  A decent man would have brought up the subject instead of manipulation events to use an unreasonably expensive "Christmas Holiday" to drain me of funds so I could not afford an attorney.  I paid, Craig claimed he had told me and split his last check with me.  Liar. 

So much more fun to see how much you could gouge me for, and you did that. It makes me sick to think about moving you into that apartment, decorating it for you when I was so strapped for money, trying to pay the mortgages because Craig, the psychopath-Incest-Porn-Dolt could not keep the only promise he made me – To file his taxes I had made out for him in 1989.

After I had cleaned up his tax mess and paid off our debts I did not even chastise him for having stolen my inheritance from Father, spent paying his bills, and outrageous demands for ever more posh living. He always whined that he 'would be able to pay for it later because it was 'in the pipe line.”

I was the one with assets when he and I married. Craig had nothing but debts.

But because of the IRS the pipeline stopped at GHS accounting and May. SEE HIS PAY STUB The dolt still does not take care of his taxes, from what Anne told me.

He and Dan have only themselves to blame. I would have been out of there so fast it would have made the Dolt's head spin. Cleaning the feces out of the tub, having to clean the cushions on the chairs because he insisted on sitting there after not wiping himself, urinating in the sink -  and those habits were cute compared to some of the other ones.

Someplace around here I have the list I made for Nathaniel Brandon when we were in therapy with him. “Jot down the things that bother you," he told Craig, and me, because Craig told him I did things he, Craig, did not like. Craig had half a page, hand written, I had six pages single spaced. Rest assured, It will be included in the book.

I'll never forget Brandon glancing at Craig's first then reaching for my list. He felt the number of pages, and looked quizzical. He glanced down at it, beginning to scan the writing.  Then he grabbed it in both hands and pulled it toward his face and started really  reading it with real intensity. Then he looked up at Craig. “Do you do...?” As he read them out Craig, looking like a deer in the headlights started nodding, yes, yes, yes.

Brandon's voice was almost shrill when he bellowed, “No one could love anyone who did these things!!!!” That was our last session, which saved us $450.00 a week. We were paying for you to go to Devers then, weren't we? That was a waste of money, too.

But I was patient, worked hard every day caring for my children, my husband, and volunteering politically and in the kids organizations. For two years I had had to drive Craig to work, 45 minutes each way, then pick him up because he had, again lost his license because of his driving record. With that and chauffeuring the kids I had 2 hours in the middle of the day when I was not behind the wheel.

Dan should think about this. Craig and he make great material, you know, and I have the documentation, which also works splendidly to enlighten the public to the need for the privatization of marriage by contract.  Since Craig kept none of his promises a divorce would have been very, very different - if I did not decide just to sue him for fraud.  

After all, he never intended a marriage in any terms I would have accepted with full disclosure, no psychopath does.  

All partnerships, and marriage is a partnership, require that partners be able to trust each other or know what the consequences will be.  With State marriage there are no consequences, the least ethical party wins, especially when they can 'arrange things' as Misho is so able to do.  

In late 1997 it was all about Craig and giving him what he wanted so Dan could play 'Bill Gates, Jr.,” a quid pro quo arranged so Craig would help Dan screw over Hightower by leading the walk out of employees which made it impossible for Hightower to exercise his partnership right to buy Dan out. Clearly, Dan is conscience challenged, too. 

For me, it was about keeping Arthur alive after his motorcycle accident.  I received not a single call from either Dan or Amy, warm-hearted people that they are.  This was when Craig and Morgan were plotting to strip me of money and discussing how better to ensure I would die of a heart attack.   

Life without Craig is sweet, actually. No piles of turds to clean out of the bed, that is a real benefit.

I'm taking Craig's advice. He was laying there in bed one night laughing so hard I was afraid the bed would collapse and he said he was just finishing with “Heart Burn,” by Nora Ephron. “You should do this to me if I ever leave you!” he said.

Indeed. It has taken a while, but now I have much more material.  And, at that, I would not be doing this if not for the organized (think conspiracy here) carried out by Craig, GHS,  the Manchesters, Gells, and, evidently, John Fund and friends.  The factor they have in common is an utter lack of integrity, the values represented by the word, not the software program owned by O'Dowd. 

And then, there is also the issue of psychopathy.

When you read Anne's emails and letters and other documents, along with what she told me, you see Craig wants to destroy women. It is a large part of the pleasure he feels with sex, knowing he will soon, or eventually, after he has extracted all he wants, destroy women, leaving them destitute and homeless. He did the same to you. Such a loving and attentive step-father! If you would only have a daughter he would give her even more, very special, attention. You are too long in the tooth for him, you know.

He told you what he wanted to do to me, he wanted me dead, which would save him money. You assisted. Birds of a feather, the two of you.

It's nice you have Laura to talk to, too. I'm going to start calling this...”why don't you just move on crap,” The Manchester. Laura used to say that to Wendy all the time.

Both of us have moved on. But debts remain to be paid. The book is icing on the cake. Do you think I spend more than a few minutes a day writing this stuff? Most of my time is spent writing very different content and talking to real people, you know, the ones with a conscience.

I know exactly what Craig thinks of as a 'good time.' Anne gave me lists of what he pays women to be sexually available to him. She called me after one 'dinner' with Regina Russell, who was 'procuring' for Craig. Craig had laid out what he would pay for finding a woman he screwed, one he 'dated' for a while, one me married. Icky. My only concern is who he is going to destroy next. What he does is criminal and he should be in jail. Maybe he and Alex could get adjoining cells. His only use in this world is as an illustration why action must be taken to deal with psychopaths. Of course, that is true of you, too.

And how nice of Craig to finally take you in hand and assist with your writing. Craig writes well, not very fast or creatively, but well, if he limits himself. You could not think for a moment I do not know what the clutch of you creeps are about, do you? Alex Montagu-Manchester was very vocal on his phone messages. 

You must remember you have indicted yourself with your own words and acts. Some are up on line for everyone to view. More are coming. 1999 Transcript 2001 Deposition Very illuminating documents, don't you think? Remember Anne's letter, warning us? Letter Anne had no idea what you really are.

Your comments on watching me battered are an interesting contrast to those made by a normal person, for instance, Ayn. Ayn Declaration, 1999. Yours show your utter lack of concern for someone who had done everything imaginable for you, despite the costs to myself. And it was always exactly what you insisted you had to have for your life to be worth living. “Oh, please, I have to be a Great Actress, or life is not worth living!” “If I don't have Eugene I'll never get married!” That was a scary thought, actually, the idea of having you around, whining, for the rest of my life.

I can't tell you how glad I am I now understand what you are and you are out of my life forever.

Item: You have never had an intellectual relationship with anyone, or anything, because your own interest was grabbing money and power, in trade for sex, usual occupations for a psychopath. You don't have a single intellectual neuron in your brain.

You used manipulation to divide and accrue power, starting when you began the destruction of my birth family when you were still in the single digits.

And later? You started destroying my real children and our relationships.

Morgan, the intellectual. What a joke.

Remember your delightful encounter with that black basketball player at the evening with Reason Foundation? I take you, Dolores and Ayn and Dawn to the evening's meet and greet to hear Walter Williams and even introduce you. The most intelligent remark you made to him was to ask what team he played for. You were how old? 29, right?

But I have to say, you returned my books with no wear and tear because you so obviously had not cracked even one cover. You were too busy with Eugene and getting to know his important and distinguished friends. Then he dumped you flat and you took up with my former boy friend. Then you snagged my estranged husband – but you had already been very intimate with him. What is this fixation you have with recycling men?

No one is going to believe your relationship with him was 'innocent.' No decent woman would have done the things you did. But a female psychopath would, and did.

He “took you to New York, London and Paris,” to cheer you up. Ha! He was hot to live out his incest fantasies, and doubtless did. A cheap thrill from his perspective. He then dragged you into Misho's office and tried to force you to sign a statement saying the two of you were not sexually intimate. Why would he do this if it had not been true? He was starting with the destruction portion of his agenda, you know.

And while you were in NY, screwing John Fund, interrupted by Craig, a deal was cut. John Fund and Craig, according to you and backed up by Craig's subsequent action in court, had said he wanted a 'permanent' relationship with you. You later discovered, to your chagrin, this was not true. Fund is as monogamous as a chimp in estrus. I have that list of his women right here, with recordings, remember?

Craig happily agreed to rescind the lie he told to the court when he stole the adoption documents, his last will and testament, written days after his agreement with Ron Foster (AKA) Kellett, was sealed by Ron giving up his parental rights.

Craig said Justin was not his biological child because you told him a lie, the kind of lie you have told all of your life. I told you I wished anyone but Craig was Justin's father. I told you this after one of the occasions when Craig had been horrible, in fact, after he battered me in your presence. I said, “I wish anyone – anything – had been Justin's father. A Baboon, an alien – even John Fund.” But John could not have been Justin's father because I know exactly when I became pregnant. But lies always suited you better than the truth, didn't they?

So, Craig goes into court and admits he is Justin's father so you, his secret, incestuous squeeze, can also provide him with a steady relationship with John Fund – who he is pursuing for other, non-sexual, reasons. Craig looooves power. He figured you could assist him with only only getting women but rubbing up to people with influence, too. I refer you to your 2001 Deposition, which John Fund, the love of your life, put up on line nearly ten years ago now. How special. How sick.

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