Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drone Strikes in Yemen- On Bombing Weddings and Families

From:  Muslim Matters 

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Posted by: Hena Zuberi December 12, 2013
Drone Strikes in Yemen- On Bombing Weddings and Families 
At least 15 people on the way to a wedding were killed by the United States Government in a horrific drone strike in Yemen, just two days after President Barack Obama spoke at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela and said Madiba “makes him want to be a better man.”
We call on the President to be the better man today. This needs to stop.
Imagine a wedding party, families dressed to the hilt; joy and festivities in the air, and then not even being able to find body parts to hold a funeral. 22 were injured in this 'tragic mistake'. The worst in Yemen since the strikes began.
The group had been en route to the the village of Qaifa, the site of the wedding, when it was hit. The assault left charred bodies strewn in the road and vehicles on fire, officials told AP.
photoWhere is the outrage by the international community? As Mark Prsyner, an Iraq War vet and anti-war activist tweeted:
This isn't the first time the US government has done this. According to TomDispatch this may be the eighth wedding party that the U.S. has bombed.  A convoy of cars is often seen as 'terrorist activity'. There are some reports that there may have been Al Qaeda operatives in the convoy, but Yemeni journalist Shuaib M. Almosawa recalls an Aug 8 strike that killed 3 brothers and Yemeni security officials said two were from AQAP. “Later they're 2 kids & elder bro”. And there are other instances.


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