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INTEGRITY Global Security, or Insecurity for Freedom, more accurately

From:  Integrity Global Security

COMMENTS - After spending time in government the elite, you can read this as 'those on the take,' are recycled into lucrative positions in 'the private sector,' though no one in their right mind should think of government contractors as 'private.' 

Here is the Advisory Board for INTEGRITY, which is the property of Dan O'Dowd, whose first venture into the world of BIG MONEY through efficient fascism, founded in 1982, is Green Hills Software, Inc. 

From INTEGRITY site: 

eet the INTEGRITY Global Security Board of Advisors:
Robert R. Ridout, Former Vice President & CIO, Dupont Corporation
Robert DeRodes, Former Executive Vice President, First Data
C. Thomas McMillen, Chairman and CEO, Homeland Security Capital Corporation
General Eugene E. Habiger, USAF, Ret.
Robert (Bob) Ridout, Former Vice President & CIO, Dupont Corporation; Customer Board Member Microsoft, HP, AT&T, Lotus, and IBM
Robert (Bob) Ridout was Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the DuPont Company for more than ten years. He held several executive positions in Information Technology in addition to assignments in field sales, manufacturing and customer service since joining DuPont in 1968. He was a member of the prestigious Research Board, and has served on Microsoft, HP, AT&T, Lotus and IBM customer boards. Currently he provides strategic advice to the executives and large customers of CSC and He is a member of the Supervisory Board of Cordys, a global business process management company headquartered in Europe, and is on the Advisory Board of INTEGRITY Global Security, a company leveraging its highly secure technology used in defense and intelligence applications for commercial use.
As CIO at DuPont, Mr. Ridout was responsible for overall operation and direction of Information Technology within DuPont globally, earning the reputation for the group that "IT works." He oversaw the IT organizations in the company's 20 strategic business units (SBU's) and global regions involving several thousand DuPont and IT Alliance employees. Mr. Ridout centralized IT budget and resource responsibility for DuPont globally, implementing the required governance, financial and personnel processes for a mature organization. He led one of the industry's largest SAP programs for all of DuPont's businesses and functions in hundreds of sites worldwide. This resulted in significant working capital reductions, improved customer service and a foundation of standardization across DuPont.
Mr. Ridout served as DuPont's Corporate Process Owner for Intellectual Property Protection, Records Management and Privacy Protection, and he was an executive leader in the company's drive to manage by high level business processes. He was also the leader in effectively using outsourced operations.
Mr. Ridout was a key leader in the chemical industry cyber security program and served as an advisor on the strategic use of IT to the US Department of Homeland Security. He was named I.T. Executive of the Year by the Lattanze Center for Excellence, recognizing his leadership role in eBusiness. Mr. Ridout was also named CIO of the Year by UBS for DuPont's coordinated SAP program.
Mr. Ridout has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. He currently resides in Kennett Square, PA.

Robert (Bob) DeRodes, Former Executive Vice President, First Data; Former Executive Vice President and CIO, The Home Depot; Former CEO, Delta Technology, Former CIO Delta Air Lines
Robert (Bob) DeRodes is an accomplished senior executive with 40 years professional experience working for an impressive list of major multi-national corporations and top industry leaders. Mr. DeRodes is a recognized leader in information technology and business operations with an established track record for transformational change, innovation, and execution inside large corporations. Executive experience spans the banking, payments, insurance, retail, and transportation industries.
Mr. DeRodes recently served as First Data's executive vice president, global operations and technology. In this role, Mr. DeRodes was responsible for product delivery; customer service delivery; technology infrastructure operations; print, mail, and card plastics production; customer conversions; procurement; real estate; and enterprise security and compliance for the global enterprise operating in 34 countries.
He previously served as executive vice president and chief information officer for The Home Depot, where he was responsible for leading the company's technology transformation. Mr. DeRodes also served as chief executive officer for Delta Technology, Inc. and chief information officer for Delta Air Lines. In these roles, he was responsible for $1.2 billion in servicing revenue and all aspects of global technology and communications for the airline's operations.
Prior to Delta, Mr. DeRodes was chief technology officer for Citibank N.Y. Global Card Products Group, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of a global cards technology platform. In addition, he has led IT solutions and service delivery for other innovative companies such as The Sabre Group, a subsidiary of AMR Corporation and for United States Automobile Association (USAA).
Mr. DeRodes has been a senior advisor to the Center for CIO Leadership, the Department of Homeland Security, and to the Secretary of Defense. He sits on the board of directors for publically-held NCR and privately-held Veracode. Mr. DeRodes was named one of 25 top technology officers by Information Week 2006 and was awarded 2005 Information Services executive of the year by the Lattanze Center at Loyola College Maryland.
A native of Wooster, Ohio, DeRodes earned a bachelor's of science degree in business administration from St. Louis University and a master's of business administration degree from the University of Texas in Austin.

C. Thomas McMillen, Chairman and CEO, Homeland Security Capital Corporation; Vice Chairman, Fortress International Group, Inc.; Chairman and Co-CEO, Secure America Acquisition Corp., former three-term Congressman from Maryland
McMillenheadshot "From the finance sector to our military, from energy companies to our intelligence agencies, our nation relies upon a vast, interdependent web of information technology systems. Every day this infrastructure is under cyber-siege. The tools we have deployed now to defend against these attacks simply cannot defeat the sophisticated enemies we now face—organized crime, corporate spies, foreign intelligence services. According to the General Accountability Office, cyber-crime costs the U.S. economy at least $117 billion each year. These attacks may be virtual, but the barbarians are not at the gates, they are inside our systems.
That is about to change. INTEGRITY Security offers American government and business the ability to effectively protect their information and operations against even the most determined attacks. For the last three years the experts at the NSA, the best in the world, worked hard to break the INTEGRITY System. They had the source code, they had all the information possible, and, yet, they couldn't defeat INTEGRITY. We need INTEGRITY protecting all our vital government and corporate information and information systems."
Tom McMillen has served as the company's Chairman & CEO since August 2005. He serves as Vice Chairman of Fortress International Group Inc., formerly Fortress America Acquisition Corporation, a company that designs, builds and maintains mission-critical facilities and trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol FIGI. McMillen also serves as Chairman & Co-CEO of Secure America Acquisition Corporation, a special purpose acquisition corporation focused on the Homeland Security and trades on the America Stock Exchange under the ticket symbol HLD.
Previously, McMillen co-founded and served as CEO of Global Secure Corp., a homeland security company providing integrated products and services for critical-incident responders. He was appointed by President Clinton to Co-Chair the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports from 1993 to 1997. From 1987 through 1993, McMillen served three consecutive terms in the United States House of Representatives from the 4th Congressional District.
McMillen graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Chemistry. He earned a BA and MA from University College, Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

General Eugene E. Habiger, USAF, Ret.; Former Commander in Chief, US Strategic Command; Former Director of Security and Emergency Operations, US Department of Energy; Former President and CEO San Antonio Water System
Habinger "Cyber security has historically been a battle between an offensive capability (hack) that has generally been ahead of the defense (deny). This fact of life was made painfully aware to me while serving as Commander-In -Chief of US Strategic Command and as Security Czar for the Secretary of Energy. Today, that traditional paradigm has literally been turned upside down with the unprecedented EAL 6+ High Robustness certification by the National Security Agency for Integrity Solutions' partitioned real-time operating systems. Cyber warfare has truly emerged around the world as an operational weapon of mass disruption and Integrity's innovative technological tools have clearly put the defense of our government and commercial systems on a level of security virtually unknown up this point."
General Eugene E. Habiger, USAF, Ret. has more than 35 years of experience in national security and nuclear operations. In his previous assignment as the Commander in Chief of United States Strategic Command, he was responsible for all U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy strategic nuclear forces supporting the national security strategy of strategic deterrence. In this position, he established an unprecedented military-to-military relationship with his Russian counterparts, which resulted in extraordinary confidence building and openness. This initiative was the centerpiece of a 60 Minutes II segment in February 2000 and a CNN special in October 2000.
General Habiger is a Distinguished Fellow and Policy Adviser with the University of Georgia's Center for International Trade and Security where he assists with the Center's international programs aimed at preventing weapons proliferation and reducing nuclear dangers.
Prior to joining the Center, General Habiger was the President/CEO of the San Antonio Water System, where he was responsible for the general operations of the System along with the strategic long-range business and water resources planning for the ninth largest city in the United States. He also worked as the Department of Energy's Director of Security and Emergency Operations. As the Department's "Security Czar", he was charged by the Secretary with changing the security culture at the Energy Department and establishing a program to reenergize and restore confidence in the Department's Security Program.
He is a command pilot with more than 5,000 flying hours, primarily in bomber aircraft. During the Vietnam War, he flew 150 combat missions.
He is also the Chairman of the Board of the Armed Services YMCA, serves on the Fisher House Foundation of San Antonio and is a Senior Fellow with the Gorbechev Foundation.


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  2. If you actually study the evidence the best step toward Global Peace and, therefore, REAL SECURITY, is to defederalize the US government, returning to the application of the Constitution and our founding principles while hastily defunding, and prosecuting, those involved in the present system for 'security,' which is a travesty, abusing the meaning of the word. Thanks for posting. Have a lovely St. Nicholas Day.