Monday, May 19, 2014

Spy Drone lobbyists and a WSJ propaganda piece

From:  Battery Park 

COMMENT - Actually, if private people, AND corporations, were allowed to have drones, for which they would have to be entirely accountable, this would result in limitations on their the use of drones.  Of course, the personal drones are smaller, used mostly for photography so, perhaps the personal liability would become an addition on their homeowners insurance.   Corporations, for instance BP, Exxon, and other Big Oil concerns, self insure, instead doubling down on legal evasions of accountability. 
If only our justice system worked to enforce accountability for everyone equally! 
Visit Koch Truths for insights on the lack of limits for corporate greed.  
It is the pesky pretense government is sovereign, instead of sovereignty being entirely held by the people, for whom government is just a tool, which causes the misapprehension proven to be so useful to the folks of Greedville

Dan, GHS President and Founder, and Craig, formerly Senior Vice President and the guy who made Dan's take over of the company from Glenn Hightower possible,  are smaller level corporates, subcontractors for the Big Guys. ON HOW THIS HAPPENED
An org chart making these complexities clear will appear in the new edition of GREED - The NeoConning of America.
 Craig is now working diligently to make it to the next level, himself, at FireFly CPU.   For some strange reason Craig started using his born name, Allen C(raig) Franklin around the time he started FireFly.  You can see this on the WYSK website, which records for public viewing such details as where the company is incorporated.  FireFly filed its incorporation as a Delaware Limited Liability Company | Wysk # BHX7FLH.  They have six officers, who you can find HERE.

Now, what would we find out about Dan O'Dowd and Craig Franklin if we could position drones to report their most intimate and emotionally vulnerable moments with a well-placed drone which could, possibly, be using software they, themselves, produced? 
Dan works very hard to keep his face off the web.  You can check this by Googling him with Images.  He does not even have his name on the Green Hills Software, Inc., website, instead presenting these four guys.  TEAM
Dan's life long ambition is to have more money than Bill Gates.  Craig's ambitions are very different.  You can find out about those HERE.  

By Steven E. Greer, MD
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is truly an evil organization for many reasons. For example, they have a large feature section today touting drones as safe friendly ways to take family vacation photos.

Are you kidding me? 

The article states, “Flying a drone isn’t just exhilarating; it also fundamentally changed how I think about photography. It is hard to get excited about vintage filters on Instagram after shooting a drone selfie (call it a “dronie”) or panning hillside Napa vineyards at sunrise...”

Then, buried within the much larger article, one cover-your-ass statement goes, “I, too, am concerned about cameras fluttering outside my bedroom window. But we shouldn’t dismiss a technology that has the potential to empower us—safely—to record footage once available only to big-budget Hollywood productions and news choppers. Drones have even been used to record protests in Ukraine, Turkey and other areas. In reality, these consumer drones tend to make terrible spy machines, because most have cameras with wide-angle lenses and their propellers sound like swarm of angry bees. Still, people will think you’re a jerk if you fly one too close.“.  MORE

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