Monday, January 21, 2013

And Yet Another Example of Psychopathic Projection

Morgan, with obvious assistance from Laura, who really should be looking for work produced this sad revisionist history 13 hours ago.  

If I had known Morgan was a psychopath when she was still a cute little baby, and understood the pain and suffering she would cause me, my parents, siblings, and children I would have been stymied.  How could I inflict her on anyone else?  This would clearly have been wrong.  So, giving her up for adoption was not a possibility.  What do you do with these people, if they are, indeed, human. 

What to do about psychopaths is a problem which confronts all of us today.  Read her blather here. 

I'm writing an article which I'm sure will delight non-pychopaths from every point on the political spectrum, except, naturally NeoCons. 

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