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The Conspiracy of the Disordered

The Present Post by the Conspiracy of the Disordered 

The Back Story

This site, and the following sites are part of an ongoing effort to help people fight the psychopaths who prey on all of us. The specific individuals named below are psychopaths, or highly unethical individuals working with psychopaths, who joined together in a conspiracy. Craig Franklin, Dan O'Dowd and MorganGell – 1997, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and Laura, Duchess of Manchester – 2011 joined together to destroy me, which sounds melodramatic, but is actually pretty accurate. 

The two stories joined via the co-mingling of action through Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, whose present wife, Laura, who we refer to as 'the doxie,' contacted Craig Franklin, my former husband in late October of 2011. They conspired together.

Alex is facing charges of passing bad checks in Las Vegas. This is a habit he picked up in the early '80s in Australia which, by the evidence has persisted. When they joined together they all become co-conspirators in their attempts to destroy both Wendy Buford Montagu and myself, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.

 Alexander, 13thDuke of Manchester, entrapped Wendy Buford Montagu in a fraudulent marriage in 1993 and in 2006 found Laura to help him strip Wendy of everything she owned.

Most people run away. We fight back with the truth. We urge you to read their posts as nothing could be more revealing as to their real characters. 

Response to Present Post of the Disordered  

I found out about Morgan's disordered behavior only after she came to live with us when she was 19 years old. Before then she just visited for a few days or weeks at a time.

The year was 1986 and I had many other things occupying my mind and not a clue as to what was actually going on with her.

The first incident took place when she decided she wanted to 'be a model.' Morgan had taken some classes in modeling in Santa Barbara and told me she had a tremendous potential as a professional. I was skeptical but did not want to rain on her parade. Morgan is just under 5' 2” in height.

While I did not pay much attention to modeling, this being far removed from my interests, I told her she certainly could pursue it, along with getting a job and going to college. My four other children, ages 4 – 14 were living at home and going to school. Most of my time was taken up with them and with politics and civic work.

This advice resulted in her following me around the house screaming at me. She did not want to make calls to modeling agencies herself, it seems. She wanted me to do it for her. I found this unnerving in the extreme, though, retrospectively, this explains Mother's anxiety attacks and nervousness, which she refused to discuss, during our visits when Morgan came up in the conversation. I had felt there was something she wanted to say, but did not.

Later, father told me, frankly, Morgan was the reason he often did not wear his hearing aid. They were far happier with her living elsewhere.

Morgan was free to do what she wanted – but she could never do it on her own. She was never a model, though we paid to have a portfolio done and subsidized this, and her other aspirations, including years and years of acting lessons so she could become a movie star.

James Dean, a distant cousin, visited my mother on occasion when he was living in Los Angeles. I was three when this started, six when he died. Morgan is making things up. I've written about my memories and nothing like her rantings exists except in her fevered mind. Google to find the articles.

Until Craig decided to divorce me and take all our assets I could never have imagined anyone could be as evil as these people are.

Neither Wendy or I have ever contacted the media. They contacted Wendy and she agreed to an interview after the ugliness of Alex's behavior became public in the aftermath of the court hearing of July 2011. Alex is a bigamist. He intentionally made his children illegitimate. The Manchester Trusts did the right thing.

Wendy introduced me to Marcus. He calls occasionally to ask about developments. I never call him.

Alex left Wendy and the children destitute by informing the Trusts. He did so in the hopes he would profit.

I urge Morgan to publish, as have I, any audio tapes she has. If she taped me while I trusted her, as a daughter, she violated both the law and every tenet of human decency thus exposing her even more completely as a scheming psychopath who used a familial relationship for her own purposes. For psychopaths, using family for any and all purposes, illegal, immoral, and all unethical, is standard operating procedure.

Listen to these and read the transcripts. Not all are done yet, but both Wendy and I are working while coping with these idiots.

The tapes of Alex, with transcripts, are up on line.

Included are these comments from Alex, placed on either Wendy's, Raye's, or my answering machines.

  • Alex tells 12 year old daughter he is publishing nude photos of her mother, former wife Wendy. 2 calls

  • Alex leaves voice message threatening Raye and slandering Melinda 

  • Alex leaves a creepy message for Melinda saying,'he is coming to 'see her" at her home. He says he is seeing 'their new friend" in Santa Barbara.

  • Alex leaves message on Wendy's answering machine April 28, 2012.  Several messages. TRANSCRIPT INCLUDES ALL CALLS

    1.  Documents existence of a conspiracy to shut Melinda up

         and also evidence of their continued campaign to 

         destroy her ability to make a living.  Admission John 

         Fund is involved.

    2.  Documents Alex's relationship with John Fund along 

         with a multitude of incredibly ugly lies about Melinda. 

    3.   Melinda calling Wendy, Hi and Bye.  

    4.   Manchester with 

          claims Melinda and Wendy orchestrated his posting on

          Huffington.  Here it is.   TRANSCRIPT CALLS

What could they have thought this was but proof a conspiracy existed and was ongoing? Email, sent by Laura to all parties, also exist.

A highly qualified attorney read the posting of January 2nd regarding Green Hills before publication. Documentation is complete and will stand. 

 P.S.  Raye read this post and reminded me to mention I'm working for Rumor Mill News as Advertising Director and this month we received 68,000,000 hits.  Contact me about buying an ad, as you will get exposure you did not imagine possible!  She wants me to start putting these  up so you can follow events.  Bye - and wish us luck!  

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