Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pre-Trial Day in Las Vegas for Alex!

And a brief, shining light comes on as we doff our hats, remembering this morning Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, will be standing, or whimpering, before the bar of justice in Las Vegas accompanied by the public defender answering charges for passing a bad check – again.

Morgan's most recent post is an excellent example of Morgan Barteaux Gell's continued attempts to rewrite history. In this screed she uses the names, mostly misspelled, of people I knew, or know, and then fabricates as she, again, demonstrates she cannot spell or punctuate.

I have been a journalist since 2004 when I started writing to protect Morgan with a book, “GREED: The NeoConning of America.” It was a fictionalized version of events then still playing out. The biggest fiction was Morgan as she has never in her life been heroic, not for one moment. The story of her encounter with the reality of having her ears pierced at age 14 is very illustrative of her character.

After having nagged me for days I grudgingly took her down to the mall to have the procedure carried out. The other kids were along and would certainly remember. Arthur does and it always makes him laugh because he did not have to help carry her out of the mall when she fainted.

For the next six weeks Morgan lay stricken in bed, expecting to be waited on, and she was, because she was so loud and obnoxious when she did not get what she wanted. I had to turn the studs for her, each time rewarded by her screams of agony. Histrionics does not even come close. The whole experience was unsettling in the extreme.

When we took her back to Mother and Father's house we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Thanks for reminding me, that works well in the book.

Morgan, competent at nothing, except lying, a skill native to her disordered condition, failed to note in her long yawn of a commentary, that I wrote the Declaration on November 19, 2012. I had had nothing to do with the editing of the film, this being work undertaken by Raye. We had tried to persuade Alex to let Joni 's son, a film maker do it, but he was too paranoid to allow this sensible solution.

Even at that moment the films were not his property since he had stolen them from his former wife, Wendy and to whom he had given them, with all other home movies, on the occasion of their tenth anniversary. He had also made them available to the public on Youtube, where they were found by Raven, who commented on as part of her reporting on the article I wrote about Alex's libel of Michael Jackson. “Stalking Michael Jackson-Psychopath In Action”: How Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Important Article Can Help Us To Better Understand The Craziness Of Michael Jackson’s Life-Literally!

Presumably, Alex is now on his way to court, likely using public transportation. I'll call the court later today to see how things turned out and provide an update.

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