Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Green Hills Software Annonces Innovations for Unmanned Vehicles and other military contracts.

From:  GHS site

Green Hills Software Powers Next-generation of Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
 Powers Next-generation of Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Boeing Looks to Green Hills for Safety and Security in the X-45 Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems SANTA BARBARA, CA ...

 Boeing Selects MULTI Development Environment for Underwater Mine Reconnaissance System
 The LMRS is a clandestine mine reconnaissance system that employs unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) capable of launch and recovery from SSN 688 and NSSN class submarines. The ...

 US Navy, using Green Hills Software's MULTI IDE source code analysis tools&advanced debugger
and imaging software for its clandestine Long-Term Mine Reconnaissance System (LMRS). The LMRS uses unmanned vehicles launched from submarines to locate and identify mines at sea

 Boeing, using INTEGRITY-178B Level A Certification RTOS, Secure Embedded RTOS, POSIX IEEE 1003.1, MILS-Compliant
 The j-UCAS X-45 program is an effort to demonstrate the technical feasibility, military utility and operational value of a networked system of unmanned air vehicles for both the ...

 News 2004 - embedded operating systems - Green Hills Software
 Demand 19-Jul-04 Green Hills Software Powers Next-generation of Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 25-May-04 Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS chosen by PEIKER acustic for In-car ...

Green Hills Software Launches Autonomous Vehicle Open Platform for UAV Control Segments, UAV Mission, Payload and Flight Control Systems
of Autonomous Vehicles; Includes INTEGRITY-178B Real-time Operating System and FIPS-validated Cryptographic Toolkit WASHINGTON, DC - August 16, 2011 - AUVSI Unmanned Systems ...

Green Hills Software Selects SAIC for EAL6+ Security Evaluation of the INTEGRITY Operating System
... Jul 19, 2004 Green Hills Software Powers Next-generation of Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Aviation Week-Jul. 2005 Operating System Picked for 787 Controls Finds ...

Green Hills Software's Real-Time Operating System Drives DARPA Grand Challenge Race Car 
 development tools to drive their unmanned autonomous vehicle in the DARPA (Defense ... These GPS coordinates will guide the vehicles on a route that will include overpasses, ...

 INTEGRITY Security Services
 As multiple classifications of data are transmitted to more devices and vehicles on the ... In an implementation that was designed from the outset for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ...

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