Saturday, March 30, 2013

Green Hills Software, Bombing Babies for the Money, and Proud of it.

Craig Franklin, no longer officially on the GHS site, is still using his GHS email address as of a few days ago.  Since generally when someone is actually 'let go,' the address also goes we can assume Craig was just told to finally find other quarters.  Doubtless, this unrepentant sexual predator is continuing to stalk women and girls with the good will and support of Dan and Company.

One wonders if any of these man actually served their country.  Craig, like all of his brothers, finessed his way through the Vietnam Conflict without serving a moment.  His father's 'service' during WWII was done by persuading women to join the Navy Women's Officer Corp.  Really.  He spent the war traveling around meeting young attractive women.  Tough duty.

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