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Support Our Troops - 2008


August 17, 2008
Dear Folks at Green Hills Software

I came across your website, Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation and was very much moved. It is great to see a corporation taking action for those who put it on the line for us.

Seeing that I knew you would want to hear about an opportunity to let those serving our country know that we here at home remember them. The sad fact is that personal items like these provided in the USO Care Package are nearly impossible to buy over there. Lip balm, deodorant, shampoo, skin cream, bath gel; those little things we take for granted. Every service person receiving the package will be grateful to know they are remembered and that you at Green Hills understand what their day to day lives are like. Many service personnel never receive a letter or mail of any kind. We are making this available to ensure that no one is forgotten.

Each package you send will tell the recipient that the folks at Green Hills care about them, and will include a note that can be personalized from the employee sponsoring the gift, even if, as is most usual, you decide to do this as a company and write off the cost.

Avon is a brand that each of them will have heard of, a little touch from home. Green Hills can bridge the gap here, bringing home to the barracks. Each bottle is easily carried with them into the field for use when needed. They will remember when lips crack and hands chafe.

The cost is small. You can simply order one for each employee, have them send us their contact information using the order form, and we will be in touch to get their note by email or phone. Send the order forms along with the check, $10.00 plus $.75 processing fee each. We take care of the rest. Sometimes it is simple to say, hey, we remember you and appreciate what you are doing over there for us here.

It is the little things that connect us. Get connected.



Paula, a friend of mine who is an Avon dealer, called and was told to contact Amy, who, the receptionist said, was in charge of the Lost Heroes Foundation.  Paula was supplied with their home number and talked to Amy who, told her the company was not interested.  

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