Thursday, March 7, 2013

Green Hills Software ships major upgrades to SuperTrace Probe v3 and Green Hills Probe v3

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News Release from Green Hills Software, Inc. 

Green Hills Software has released major hardware and software upgrades for the SuperTrace Probe v3 and Green Hills Probe v3. This software upgrade also adds support for 13 new debug targets and 4 new trace architectures.

40 gigabit-per-second High-Speed Serial Trace (HSST) card adds support for up to 6 high-speed serial lanes running at a maximum rate of 6.25 gigabits-per-second per lane, or up to 8 lanes running at a maximum of 5 gigabits-per-second per lane. With a combined 40 gigabits-per-second of trace bandwidth, STPv3 is the fastest and widest serial trace probe in the world. PowerPC Nexus and ARM HSSTP standards are supported.

New high-speed parallel trace pod with 5V support supports up to 32 trace input signals with voltage levels up to 5 Volts, and a trace collection bandwidth in excess of 8 gigabits-per-second. Housed in a custom enclosure and designed for high physical and electrical robustness, the TE trace pod features an intelligent, modular trace connector that lets users easily switch between varieties of trace ports. All current parallel trace targets are supported with the new TE trace pod.

Non-intrusive, task-aware probe debugging for INTEGRITY RTOS enables non-intrusive, task-aware debugging using only the hardware debug port such as JTAG. Probe Run Mode lets users debug applications without halting the processor, and without the need for any communications drivers. This enables application development to begin earlier, reducing time-to-market, and without using any Ethernet or serial ports.

Initial targets supported include Freescale QorIQ-based and ARM Cortex A9-based devices.

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