Friday, February 22, 2013

Craig Franklin, Oh, Craig Franklin

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Craig Franklin, Oh, @CraigCountry
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Craig Franklin - I don't love you any less! 
(Also known as Craig Drones On)

Lyrics for our new video!

69. Oh, Craig Franklin - Written for Craig Franklin

He was born in ol' Virginia but he's lived life on the road.

High Tech is his pistol, and he knew how to load.

Weapons used for killing, the innocent and kind

Are standard operation for those of psychopathic mind.

From NASA on to MIT, the places all were real.

He wrote the code, but he is cold, for love, he cannot feel.

His left brain used to simulate, emotions, love and sharing.

Psychopaths are of a kind, they feed on us, uncaring.

Craig Franklin, Oh, Craig Franklin, there was nothing you'd not do.

Your fantasies are violence, not a thing about you – true.

He got wealthy on the drones you see, circling over head

When you curse the fascist state, this is the man you dread.

His wealth from stealth and lying, supplying weapons used to kill.

As long as he has what he wants, no one's pain is real.

No conscience, and no feelings, just appetite and lust.

He circles in, consuming, eating through your trust.

Craig Franklin, Oh, Craig Franklin, there's nothing you've not done.

You lust for your son's daughter, destroying life begun.

The songs Craig writes, you're hearing, intended to deceive

Suck in the youngest girls, who trust, he pays them to believe.

He feeds on need and yearnings, for love which lives and lasts

The money given poisoned, his intentions wound and blast.

First he charms their hearts out, controls their lives and work

Then he rapes and throws them out, leaving with a smirk.

Craig Franklin, Oh, Craig Franklin, there was nothing you'd not do.

And the psychopath within him, is hungering for you.

He's out there in the public, waiting like a fiend.

Lurking on the Internet, he wants to 'meet your need.'

He promises to love you, to have and always hold

He eats your faith, then kills you off, the truth is never told.

But now we understand them, awakening we see.

The devil was incarnate, inside their minds of greed.

Craig Franklin one of many, who feed on human trust.

And what we do to save ourselves will not be wrong, but just.

Craig Franklin, Oh, Craig Franklin, the world is closing in.

Your undoing is now coming, we'll be watching as it ends.

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