Thursday, February 14, 2013

The GHC Surfaces

The mish-mash below is, doubtless, a response to my last post, PsychoBusting for Freedom, on the direction we are now taking on the issue of psychopathy. Please re-read this.

I went to the trouble of responding to this inane offering because it illustrates the fact the GHC cannot understand the difference between their assaults on the English language, entirely absent any of the evidence demanded, and believe their unsupported assertions to be sufficient. They have, however, generously provided more evidence of slander and libel, now in the hands of counsel.

    1).When did Craig franklin get taken in to jail for being a pedifile or childmolestor?  Where is the court evidence of Craigs supposed BS and slander you post about Craig Franklin everyday!
    MELINDA - This one will be responded to with a major article titled, “The Strategies of Sexual Deviants and Psychopaths,” it was already in production as part of the screen play. Our PR agency in New York will put it out. Craig provides an excellent example of deviant behavior allied with long term planning to achieve his goal, raping a little girl who trusts and loves him. Normal men do not read Incest Porn. Normal men also do not attempt to obtain unsupervised visitation with a grand-daughter, ignoring their grand-son, while the children's father is facing charges of having hired a hit man to kill the children's mother. Craig's son, Jonathan Scott Franklin is now serving time in prison in California for this offense. See Article.

    2).  Where is Melinda pillsbury fosters  HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA?
    MELINDA - Morgan and Laura have their panties in the wringer on this because neither of them ever graduated from high school. My diploma is in a file, where it will stay since a high school diploma proves nothing, in any case. I was, however, reminded that, as class agent for my year at St. Stephen's in Rome, I must busy myself to remind my fellow classmates to send in their Notes for the yearly newsletter by April.

    3). Where is the 60 hours of michael jackson DVD YOU AND RAYLAN EDITED ( This will be a real challenge!!)   Because the DVD is only 40 minutes!   WE WANT TO SEE THE DVD YOU EDITED AND THE RECEIPTS FOR WHAT YOU CLAIM YOU BOTH BAUGHT? 
    MELINDA - I edited no film, being focused on producing the sales material. Emails exist to document this. Raye has them, as she did the work. I have conveyed your demand to her, though she has provided these to you in the past.
    How long it takes to edit a film is not directly related to the length of the finished film, however. While most features are only 90 minutes, rest assured, editing takes far longer even when the film is professional quality, which this film was most assuredly not. The unedited film can be viewed here, where it has been in public view since Uploaded on Sep 18, 2009 , and therefore not protected by copyright.
    To have lied about the potential of legally selling rights to the film constitutes fraud against myself, Raye Allen, and any and all potential buyers and is being reported to the authorities. The film was stolen from Wendy Buford Montagu, who was, is, and remains, its sole owner.

    4). What is your tax ID number the Duke donated his computers he need to write them off.

    MELINDA - The three 'donated' computers were worthless, costing Raye to transport and then to have repaired, which proved to be impossible. Thus they represented another fraud, which she overlooked knowing she could not squeeze blood out of the Rock of the Manchesters. Raye has the records and will respond on her own behalf. 

    WENDY - That’s right, I thought it was funny that Alex needs your tax id or whatever so he can report his donation for TAX PURPOSES!!!  He doesn’t file taxes!! Why would he??? He doesn’t work! He doesn’t claim what he gets from the trust, never did! That’s just crap.
    5).  How did MELINDA DRIVE ACROSS COUNTRY BLIND AS SHE TELLS THE WORLD!  how was it driving blind across the country??  With your disabled son and two cats how dangerous!!
    MELINDA – Very slowly, driving only during daylight hours when it was safe. I have never said I was unlicensed to drive. I have no cat. Arthur has one cat, Meow. The reader should Notice the level of empathy expressed here by this nasty little psychopath for two close relatives she knows perfectly well are disabled.
    Notice the empathy and concern shown for myself and my son by GHC for a drive which I probably should not have attempted. Pillsbury-Foster Medical Letters,

    6) MELINDA IF AS YOU CLAIM you went to OHIO to help raylan get better than why is raylan SICK AND SO IS HER DOGS! AND HER BUSINESS IS FAILING....
    MELINDA - Raye's business is not failing. Her dogs are her little surrogate children and she clucks a lot. Her health is much improved this last year, thank goodness.
    Raye assisted the Manchesters financially for quite some time and this is documented. No person with a conscience would have either written this or contributed to it.

    MELINDA – Melinda did not kick anyone out. They were gone when she arrived. Raye can explain her reasons more completely, and I'm sure she will be delighted to post the records, along with police reports, and other evidence, as it has certainly been compiled during her attempts to recover her stolen property.
    Raye asked me to tell you she is going to produce comprehensive documentation and renew her attempts for collection. Just so the Smiths know.

    MELINDA – And this is your business – why? My debts were caused by the GHC, with the intention of killing me, to which facts Morgan has testified under penalty of perjury.

  1. 9). Are you going to pay back the 80,000 and climbing to GEORGETTA BROWNS FAMILY?
    MELINDA – Yes, they are on my list. It is a thorough list, which I will not publish as it includes many people who have helped me who would not like to be attacked for assisting me. There is a second list as well. That list includes people who assisted the GHC. They will also receive some more focused attention soon.

    10). WHAT happened to poor dear Marcus SCRIVEN!  Was HE Not writing a book about you now? LOL
    MELINDA – Why would Marcus write a book about me? I never said he intended to or considered this a possibility. He has discussed such a book with Wendy, however.

    11). Melinda still popping vicodin and drinking wine!!!   AND WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU BUYING POT FOR AURTHUR AND YOU GOT BUSTED!  OR DID YOU BLAME IT ON AURTHUR!   STILL BUYING AURTHUR MY BROTHER POT SO HES STONED ALL THE TIME!   SO YOU CAN STEAL HIS MONEY AND GO TO PALITES CLASSES!  DOES MY VROTHER HAVE ANY FRIENDS BESIDES YOU......and MELINDA your incest!!    the word has got around now with many people melinda pillsbury foster sleeping with her sons!
    MELINDA – Slander and libel, such as that appearing above, will placed in the hands of a competent attorney soon. I had a prescription for Vicodin in 1998, which I did not use because it made taking care of Arthur impossible.
    Arthur can, and will speak for himself. He participates in our church choir, classes, and today pursues a vibrant relationship with God and our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    12).ARE YOU STILL BLIND??   or just blind ans stupid?  how do you write all these stalking blogs and your so BLIND?    does the stste know you do all these BLOGS! BLIND LADY??   the state need to know in OHIO and CALIFORNIA...
    MELINDA - Yet another example of slander and libel. They are annoyed I have managed to fight back, aren't they. Smile.

    13). Do you still talk to ROBERT t fanning the RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR he had melinda state escorted out of the state of MONTANA!!   All for publication!!!!
    MELINDA – It was kind of me to point out the individual under discussion was not the governor of Montana but a candidate for the office. On my way to Ohio, to assist Raye, who was in bad health and being taken advantage of by the individuals you have now publicly named, I stopped for a few days in Montana at the request of Robert Fanning.
    I had provided, entirely gratis, campaign materials for Bob, who had appeared on my radio show Reclaim America, on November 1, 2012. Correspondence and work provides gratis. Having finished the article I had also agreed to write for my paper, the Lone Star Iconoclast, I left. Here is the article.
    We did discuss the possibility of my working for him as a campaign manager. If your slanders and libels resulted in this not happening you have provided proof of tortuous interference with my work and are thus open to charges both criminal and civil. I have not discussed this with Fanning as I have been busy with your ugly behavior in other areas.

    14). The duke has thousands of hours of tape on MELINDA PILLSBURY FOSTER so do many other people!  COMING SOON TO A blog all about the melinda!  you knew you were being recorded so its legal!!   POSTING your tapes are illegal PEOPLE HAVE TO AGREE TO BE TAPED!! 
    MELINDA – A complete fantasy. He has no tapes, no permission was ever given or asked.
    Messages left on answering machines are not protected, as the individual leaving the message knows perfectly well they are being tapes. Duhhh. Here are the audios and transcripts.
    Since our conversations were entirely composed of listening to Alex talk about himself as I took notes and struggled to keep him on the point, one shudders to imagine having to listen to them yet again. Curious how the GHC bounce back and for the between, “we only talked to her a few times and thousands of hours of tape,” however. Reality is tough for psychopaths.

    15).  PLEASED DO TELL WHY YOU POSTED THE DUKES CHILDRENS BIRTH CERTIFICATES?? ON THE INTERNET........child protective services is writeing a letter for your court apperance!!!   you have many coming up this year melinda pillsbury!!
    MELINDA – And why did you have them up? If there was sensitive information, which there is not, you would be guilty of whatever form of abuse you have so vociferously accused myself and Wendy of having committed. Additionally, Alex is not the custodial parent and neither of the children are willing to have contact with him – or Laura.
    See - Judgement for Reserved Issues - Montagu v Montagu, Case No. 06D010327, Honorable Judge Mark S. Millard, Presiding - Reporter's Transcript of Judge's Ruling   Transcript documents physical custody residing with mother and the evasive actions taken by Montagu to evade revealing his financial status during divorce.  


MELINDA – You are repeating yourselves, yet again. Raye returned the originals to Alex, at his request and at her own expense. The materials she, herself, produced are work product for which she was not paid. Additionally, the work was carried out under the belief she would receive an agreed percentage upon sale and this could not legally take place for the following reasons. This was also a fraud for which the Rock of Manchester will most likely not be charged as he is entirely without funds and squeezing harder would only cost Raye yet more money.

As stated previously, the materials are not under copyright, having been previously published on You Tube.

The films are the sole property of Wendy Buford Montagu, who received them as her only gift on the occasion of her 10th Anniversary. Gifts are sole property of the recipient. That Alex admits to having stolen them simply proves the crime which he committed. 

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