Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Evil Twins again commit violent crimes against logic and the English language.

Morgan admitted under oath, and on multiple occasions, Craig came on to her and also discussed his sexual interest in both her and her sisters. Perhaps Morgan has another way of defining this, except incest? 

Morgan seems to have been mildly upset about this possibility, most likely because of Craig's personal hygiene. I am not persuaded she would not have been willing, herself. The other girls are emotionally normal, and were revolted and disgusted at the idea. Ayn expressed extreme shock and revulsion when Craig suggested this to her after our divorce.

Morgan admitted Craig came on to her in her 2001 Deposition, which was never certified but which was supplied to John Fund by Green Hills Software, Inc., through Craig as their agent. While I have the uncertified affidavit I have never made it available or published it, which now seems moot. Soon after this Green Hills began receiving government contracts.

This affidavit, signed by Morgan in 2009, gives ample evidence of Craig's focus on incest.

In this affidavit Morgan acknowledges having been adopted by Craig, along with all the other children. In her cas, however, no permission was sought from my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, who legally adopted Morgan when she was 12 along with my mother, who was deceased at the time of the adoption by Craig.

In Ayn's Declaration of 1999 Craig is caught in early attempts to alienate my children, a precondition to engaging in incest. Declaration.

While I am not an attorney it seems to me Craig could not legally or effectively adopted Morgan, who would still be his step-daughter. I brought up this point in relation to my adoption of Jonathan Scott Franklin. Craig refused then, or later, to seek permission from Elaine, his former wife and Scott's mother, for permission for me to adopt him. Notarized Document by Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) Craig's wills, naming children as his natural heirs.

Since Craig has an extensive legal background these were arguably facts known to him. Since that time he has used 'adoption,' and 'naming in his will,' on multiple occasions to manipulate his intended victims. Anne Fisher mentioned to me Craig had named her as his heir in a will.

The behavior above is manipulation intended to allow Craig to engage in incestuous sexual relations with my children and stands as proof his marriage to me was carried out for the purposes of achieving this goal. This is undoubtedly incestuous behavior because Craig adopted my five children and raised them, having persuaded their biological father, Craig Franklin, to give up his parental rights.

Ayn told me, and she was a reliable source, unlike Morgan, Craig exposed himself to her on multiple occasions when she was young. This is abuse, and incestuous behavior.

In addition, Craig's first act upon finding his son, Scott was charged with hiring a hit man to kill his wife, Kathy, was to attempt to get unsupervised visitation with his then 8 year old grand-daughter. Kathy and Scott also had a son, two years older. Kathy told me when Craig entered the room to see the two children Craig ignored the little boy and she considered his behavior toward the girl highly inappropriate and questionable. The court refused Craig any visitation and put the family in victim protection.

Morgan, being clearly disordered, thinks, like Karl Rove, endless repetition of lies will change people's minds, especially if you write in all caps, though to be fair Karl Rove does not write in all caps, he just steals elections with the assistance of such disordered individuals as John Fund.

Regarding Wendy and her children.

The kids have lived with their mother without break from the time of the divorce until today. Both children still live with her, including Alex, Jr., who is 18 and could have moved out if he wanted. Mother and children are close and spend a lot of time together.

Laura knows this perfectly well. Perhaps Laura should find a hobby. 

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