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Morgan and Manchester Update, Manchesters pass the ball

It should be noted that Laura and Alex are allowing Morgan to actually be the one who 'posts' while they contribute to the content and provide documents, which are then mischaracterized. For questions about the divorce between Wendy Montagu and Alexander Montagu see TIME LINE.

Both Morgan and the Montagus make false reports to various authorities, such as CPS routinely. These have only resulted in the loss of any credibility with those authorities they might ever have had.

In her latest 'post.'

Morgan is, again, engaging in continued attempts to revise history, as she attacks me for a debt I was not at the time, or yet, able to pay but always have acknowledged and refused to extinguish in bankruptcy. When I have the money all my debts will be paid. At that time Morgan will also find herself in court with my demands to be paid for the monies and other resources provided to her as she engaged in her serial frauds. I no longer acknowledge Morgan as any kind of relation and would not assist her in any way, no matter what happens to her in the future.

Note that Morgan owes me for supporting her through the time she was 19 when she was living with me and defrauding me by lying about attending college, instead engaging in a sexual relationship with Eddy van Halen and staying stoned and drunk when not in our presence, we later learned.

I cite the Hare Checklist for key features of psychopathy, characteristics quoted in toto below, which include this on early childhood behavior.

Early Behaviour Problems
Most psychopaths begin to exhibit serious behavioural problems at an early age. These might include persistent lying, cheating, theft, arson, truancy, substance abuse, vandalism, and/or precocious sexuality. Because many children exhibit some of these behaviours at one time or another, it is important to emphasize that the psychopath's history of such behaviours is more extensive and serious than most.”

Morgan also asserted a continued sense of her entitlement to whatever she wanted, draining both myself and my parents, while they still lived.

Egocentric and Grandiose
Psychopaths have a narcissistic and grossly inflated view of their own self-worth and importance, a truly astounding egocentricity and sense of entitlement, and see themselves as the centre of the universe, justified in living according to their own rules.”

As you listen to the WeaselSearch tape, and read the transcript, several things will become clear. John absolutely did not want me to know they were having sex. His caution in this regard could have been related to the fact I was well connected politically and a member of the same chapter of National Federation of Republican Women as Arianna Huffington. He had attempted to use me as a conduit to insert disinformation for a number of years by that time. I had noticed this and begun documenting the bizarre stories he told me.

As it turns out, John was correct regarding the potential impact on his career. After the facts percolated out as rumor he lost the job for which he was being considered as a speech writer in the Bush White House in 2000. The immediate cause was his refusal to discuss the matter with me, which forced me to contact him by fax at the WSJ, where he was then working. October 27, 1999 Fax to the Wall Street Journal I was later told it was copied at least five times on its way to his office from the central receiving office.

Both Fund and Morgan show clear indications of being psychopathic, according to the Hare Checklist.

Glib and Superficial
Psychopaths are often voluble and verbally facile. They can be amusing and entertaining conversationalists, ready with a clever comeback, and are able to tell unlikely but convincing stories that cast themselves in a good light.”

Fund's concern I not know about their relationship is a major focus of the conversation. Morgan then tells John she can shut me up, all she needs to do is 'tell' me. This puts to rest the idea Morgan did not absolutely believe she controlled me, an idea which, retrospectively is clear from her behavior. She shows no a scintilla of concern for me, though she knows I have been through years of unending trauma without support from my family while caring for my disabled son and struggling with my own heart problems, the need for corneal transplants, and other surgeries.

Lack of Empathy
Many of the characteristics displayed by psychopaths are closely associated with a profound lack of empathy and inability to construct a mental and emotional "facsimile" of another person. They seem completely unable to "get into the skin" of others, except in a purely intellectual sense.”

She has, under deposition and affidavit, admitted these facts.

Through her twenties and into her thirties as she continued looking for a wealthy man to marry. She first did this in the Hollywood community as she 'tried to make it in Hollywood,' a marginal possibility given her lack of talent, and then by targeting on people she met through me.

Eventually, she was accepting money from my estranged husband and traveling with him to such places as New York London, and Paris. He had made it clear to her he was interested in a sexual relationship with her.

Adult Antisocial Behaviour
Psychopaths see the rules and expectations of society as inconvenient and unreasonable impediments to their own behavioural expression. They make their own rules. Antisocial behaviour may consist of phoney stock promotions, questionable business practices, partner or child abuse, and so forth. Others do things that are not necessarily illegal but are nevertheless unethical, immoral, or harmful to others: cheating on a partner, emotional abuse, bullying, to name but a few.”

The men targeted to whom I introduced her included Eugene Volokh, who Morgan met at a conference I put on for the Republican Liberty Caucus in 1995, and then the man who told my children to call him, “Uncle John,” John Fund. Fund had, years before, been my boyfriend, a fact known to Morgan at the time.

Her attitude on this is, again, illustrated on the WeaselSearch Tape. She shows no guilt or remorse for the pain and suffering she caused her entire family.

Lack of Remorse or Guilt
Psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the effects their actions have on others, no matter how devastating these might be. They may appear completely forthright about the matter, calmly stating that they have no sense of guilt, are not sorry for the ensuing pain, and that there is no reason now to be concerned.”

The impropriety of engaging in a relationship with either my former boy friend or husband is striking and a clear indicator of a disordered personality.

A Need for Excitement
Psychopaths have an ongoing and excessive need for excitement—they long to live in the fast lane or "on the edge," where the action is. In many cases the action involves the breaking of rules.”

In 2001 Morgan, as is true of most psychopaths, craves excitement, even when it is ill-advised. Morgan, over my objections and against my advise, provided the Weasel Search Tape, which documents this conversation, to John Connolly, a well known writer and author, who wrote, Sex, Lies, and the Tape: The John Fund Story.

The article, which was slated to be published in Talk Magazine, was scratched because of intimidation by Fund's attorney. Legal Correspondence and Expense, Talk Magazine

When psychopaths collide the chaos seems to have no end.

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