Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PsychoBusting for Freedom

PsychoBusters began as the attempt by two helpless women to defend themselves against a group of psychopaths, cooperating to destroy them. But today it daily becomes more obvious the problems we face are being caused by highly psychopathic individuals who have worked to centralize control of government, our institutions, and the economy.

What happened to two women is happening across America and around the world.

It is time to change, but first PsychoBusters demands the GHC put up or shut up. Their ad nauseum continuation of bogus charges, long refuted with facts, slanders, and sheer ugliness, has done much to illustrate to normal people the methods of the highly psychopathic as well as their utter lack of discernment. The attack dogs of GHC were far lower end than they could have afforded, but this is what you would expect with disordered individuals used to getting their way with violence and deceit. We've asked before, now we demand it.

To the Green Hills Conspirators (GHC) - Put up or shut up.

For legal purposes the acts of any member of a conspiracy are the joint responsibility of all members of such a conspiracy. Liability to these individuals is both for criminal charges and financial damage done to their victims.

Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster were the primary, though not the only, victims of these acts.

The individuals most involved in the conspiracy, here identified as Green Hills Conspirators (GHC), are Morgan Barteaux (Pillsbury) Gell, Jay E. Gell, John Fund, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Dan O'Dowd, Craig Franklin, Laura Smith Montagu, and Alexander Montagu Manchester.

As the innocent parties, Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster therefore demand the following be produced Green Hills Conspirators (GHC) forthwith:

Any and all of the innumerable police reports GHC have claimed to have filed against, Wendy Buford Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, their victims. These can be published online, with our permission. If such appear, they will be refuted using the rules of evidence, as false claims. Neither of us have received any such reports or calls from any authorities what so ever.

Information on all of the multiple individuals contacted by and and all of the GHC and their paid agents, including former or potential employers. We will make sure all these receive the evidence now published online regarding the GHC.

Any and all proof of the slanders and libels published on the Internet, by email, or on voice mail and so recorded by Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster, which slanders and libels, now copied and provided to legal counsel, have been documented for anticipated legal action. Any documentation must include provenance, in each instance.

Any objective proof, of any kind, any one, or any specific member of the aforementioned conspirators were stalked or suffered loss, rather than having mercilessly stalked, harassed, threatened with bodily injury, stolen from, and otherwise abused and traumatized, the aforementioned victims, Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster.

Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster never, at any time or in any instance, stalked or harmed the aforementioned individuals. They have only acted within the law and within their Constitutionally guaranteed natural rights for free speech and self defense, responding to slander and libel with evidence to refute.

The truth, proven by documented fact, is the ultimate and only necessary defense against a claim of libel or slander.

Using transparency and the truth, Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster have protected themselves from the copious and outrageous attacks of the individuals who constitute the Green Hills Conspirators (GHC).

Forced to these measures, Montagu and Pillsbury-Foster have spent time and resources refuting the entirely libelous and untrue charges made by the GHC. Both before these efforts began, and since, they have suffered additional losses caused by the GHC Conspiracy, to be enumerated elsewhere.

The efforts of Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, noticed by the media, have forestalled the continued attempts to cause harm to themselves and their emotionally normal family members.

These same efforts have given the public an outline for changing the system to ensure such predatory behavior on the part of highly disordered individuals are no longer tolerated.

The story of the Green Hills Conspirators, easily understood and emotionally compelling, illustrates ugly, devious and emotionally violent strategies and behaviors of highly psychopathic individuals along with their emotionally linked assistants, several of whom in the case of GHC, appear to be situational psychopaths.

A movement can now be launched which will serve to provide evidence of the need to reframe our institutions, taking into account the predatory nature of psychopaths.

Our courts, government, our financial institutions, and corporations have, provably, been largely impacted by the predatory culture of the highly psychopathic.

Today we face a world which, minute by minute, grows less free for us, the emotionally normal, who love and stand by each other, feeling intensely the bonds of family, love and community which unite us. Unless these actions are taken any and all other efforts to reclaim our freedom will fail.

Therefore, we, The PsychoBusters propose the following:

A demand for a Hare Index for any individual involved in court as a judge (at any and all levels), attorney, witness, litigant must be honored before any action can go forward.

No psychopath should be allowed to give evidence since they must be assumed to be lying.

Automatic testing for any individual seeking public office or employed in government or the management of a corporation, LLC, or other entity which deals with the public.


What do we do with the highly psychopathic?

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