Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ANOTHER Dan and Craig Moment

You just have to know that Dan (Drone Boy) O'Dowd and Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin of Green Hills Software, Inc., project and fantasize about the power of the weapons enabled by their technology. This is entirely natural for two men who are each, shall we say, challenged for the macho kind of courage and valor which demands putting yourself on the line for something not prefaced by dollar signs.

What kind of fantasy lives do these two lead when their thoughts turn to the adventures of hot blooded courage and fantasy?

Well, you know they might want to be the hardest to kill, the nastiest in the clinch, fast, cunning, loaded with testosterone and able to stop all adversaries with a hardened glance of the eye. Or, fantasy might take another form. One never knows. We will now channel their fantasies so these become visible to the world, revealing once and for all how they see themselves and what truly touches their souls, or whatever they use for souls. 

Humm.....Well, no surprises here. 

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