Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Open Group

From:  The Open Group

 COMMENT:  When ever you want to obfuscate what your real intentions are you are careful to use words which make the whole of your actions seem reasonable, justified, kindly and reasonable.  This deflects the questions which should be asked, for instance, "Why are you accepting money so my government can aim that weapon in my face?"

Examples, calling your product, INTEGRITY, or your organizing tool, The Open Group

 This is the oh, so, reasonable Vision and Mission statement of the folks who are providing weapons for those who are destroying the Constitution, and our country.  

FACE™ Vision & Mission

Consortium Vision

The FACE Consortium, an aviation focused professional group made up of industry suppliers, customers and users, will create a technologically appropriate open FACE architecture, standards and business model that will result in:
  • Standardized approaches & process models within avionics systems
  • Lower implementation costs of FACE systems
  • Standards that support a robust architecture and quality software
  • Defined interoperability within FACE systems and components
  • Portability of applications across multiple FACE systems and vendors
  • Procurement of FACE conformant products
  • More capabilities reaching the Warfighter faster

Consortium Mission

To realize the Vision by:
  • Developing, evolving and publishing a realistic open FACE architecture, standards and business model that will be supported by FACE customers, vendors and integrators, and by a robust industry conformance program
  • Providing the forum for industry and government to work together to develop and consolidate the open standards, best practices, any necessary guidance documents and models necessary to realize the Vision
  • Ensuring that the appropriate technical resources and management commitment are in place for the successful completion of their work
  • Operating in a fair, neutral and open manner
  • Integrating existing and emerging standards and systems wherever possible.

Podcast: "FACE initiative takes aim at improved interoperability and standards among future military avionics platforms"— Dana Gardner on ZDNet. Listen to it now

View the Introduction to Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) by Mike Williamson, PMA209 Deputy Program Manager for Mission Systems, Naval Air Systems Command, USA

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